There can be a varied response to TBI, a few of the most common side effects are listed here:

  • Behaviour and personality
  • Anxiety, depression, loss of motivation, difficulty controlling anger and impulsivity.
  • Cognitive
  • Problems with memory, attention and concentration, low tolerance of noisy or stressful environments, loss of insight and initiative.
  • Physical
  • Loss of co-ordination, muscle rigidity, paralysis, epilepsy, difficulty in speaking, loss of sight, smell or taste, fatigue and sexual problems.
  • Initial diagnosis of severity of injury is not a reliable indicator of long-term problems.
  • Relationships with family and friends can be placed under immense strain.
  • Relatives report that the ten most difficult problems are personality changes, slowness, poor memory, irritability, bad temper, tiredness, depression, tension and anxiety, rapid mood changes and threats of violence.