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Banstead Place, Banstead, Surrey
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Banstead Place, Banstead, Surrey

Banstead Place:

Queen Elizabeth's Foundation
Brain Injury Centre
Banstead Place
Park Road

Tel: 01737 356222

Banstead Place provides three kinds of brain injury rehabilitation for people aged 16-35.

(a) Post-Acute Rehab - including cognitive and behavioural issues - for up to two years. (Up to 15 places).

(b) Vocational Rehab - at a later rehab stage, for people looking at returning to some kind of employment or occupational activity. Normally funded via the Employment Service/Disability Employment Advisers. (Up to 10 places).

(c) Transitional Rehab - slower stream rehab, focusing on independent living skills. (Up to 8 places).

Banstead Place is run by the Queen Elizabeth's Foundation, an organisation which promotes equality for disabled people, and which has several other non-ABI services in Southern England. It employs a range of professionals, including psychologists (though not a specialised neuropsychologist), OT's, physiotherapists, creative therapists and social worker.

Costs range between £1,833.33 per week (Intensive), and £928.23 per week (Transitional).

Respite care can also be provided at a cost of £928.23 per week.

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