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Glenside Manor Health Care Services
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Glenside Manor Health Care Services, Salisbury, Wilts

Glenside Manor:

Glenside Manor Health Care Services
South Newton

Tel: 01722 742066

Glenside Manor is a large country house situated in the village of South Newton, five miles from Salisbury. It was set up in 1998 as a unit providing longer-term rehabilitation for adults who have acquired brain injuries (normally between the ages of 18 and 55). It is owned by Doris and Clive Barry, who have provided nursing care facilities in Wiltshire for some period of time.

Glenside Manor consists of the Newlands brain injury assessment and rehabilitation unit (8 beds); Gravely House, which provides longer term rehabilitation in a structured setting (6 beds); and The Lodge transitional living unit (2 beds). There is also a new post-acute brain injury hospital unit due to open in the summer of 2002.

Glenside Manor generally takes people who have more challenging behaviour and need longer-term input than can be provided in most post-acute settings. There is potential to admit under Mental Health Section.

The staff team are nurse led, but include an OT and a neurophysiotherapist. Other services, including neuropsychology, psychiatry, speech and language therapy and dietician, are brought in on a sessional basis.

Prices start at £1,400 per week for the Newlands Unit, £1,200 per week for Gravely House, and £1,000 per week for The Lodge, plus additional cost for sessional therapy and psychology services.

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