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St Andrews Hospital - Kemsley Division
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St Andrews Hospital - Kemsley Division, Northampton

St Andrews - Kemsley:

St Andrews Hospital - Kemsley Division
Billing Road

Tel: 01604 616454


Website: Kemsley, National Centre for Brain Injury Rehabilitation

The Kemsley Division is situated in the specious (106 acres) and landscaped grounds of St Andrews Hospital in Northampton. St Andrews is part of the St Andrews Group of Hospitals, and is operated as a not-for-profit charity. The hospital group generally provides psychiatric services, but the Kemsley Division was set up in 1979 as the first specialist brain injury rehabilitation unit in the country.

The Kemsley Division now comprises five wards with a total of 63 beds. It provides services to adults aged between 18 and 64 who have acquired brain injuries. Generally, their needs include difficult to manage behaviour, physical disabilities, communication and swallowing problems, epilepsy, and sometimes mental health problems (the Kemsley Division can admit under Mental Health Section). There are two locked wards which take up to 12 adults with the most difficult to manage behaviour, a third locked ward which can take up to 15 people with slightly greater behavioural control, and a fourth locked ward taking up to 8 people needing focused rehabilitation, and an open ward taking up to 11 people who are in the final stages of preparation for return to the community

There is a substantial staff team which includes the usual range of therapists, plus dietician, community and leisure worker, social workers, a range of mental health and neuro-trained nurses, neuropsychologists, and consultants in neuropsychiatric rehabilitation and neurology. The team is very motivated and is keen to emphasise the Kemsley Approach, which combines behaviourism, the use of token economy, with elements of cognitive behaviour therapy. There is great emphasis on demonstrating success with the use of statistics and presentations, and those interested in liaising with the Kemsley Division are invited to specially arranged visitors' days, for which they have to pay.

Costs are as follows:-

Assessment (up to 8 weeks): £2,534 per week

Intensive Rehabilitation: £2,534 per week

These are inclusive of all treatment and care bar MRI scans, specialist consultations or treatment, and constant observations.

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